Backcountry Tour & Boil-up

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations and activity we are considering  reviving another old Whaleback tradition – the backcountry ski tour and boil-up.  This is where you take your classic skis (waxless are usually best) and ski off into the back country to a nice spot with a view, settle back while the kettle boils and then have a cup of tea (or coffee or juice or whatever you brought) and eat your sandwich (or whatever you brought) and then ski back to civilization again feeling wonderfully rejuvenated and at peace with the world.

Shawn Tilley has agreed to be the tour leader and to plan the route and destination, which will be a gentle ski suitable to beginners and intermediate level classic skiers.  We are considering next weekend (March 17th or 18th) or the following weekend – depending on weather and snow conditions.  But we would like to determine if we have any interest from the membership.

Please let us know if you would like to be part of the group-so we have some idea of numbers and also can keep you posted individually of developments – by emailing me at