The JackRabbit Program

The Jackrabbit Ski Program Introduces children ages 5-12, to Cross Country Ski Techniques and General Concepts of Fitness and Nutrition

Season 2023

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About the Program

The program is named after Herman “Jackrabbit” Smith-Johanssen the legendary Canadian skier who skied into the second century of his life. “Jackrabbit” attributed his long life partially to cross country skiing, a healthy outdoor life and always striving for his personal best.

The program is balanced between teaching children skiing skills and having fun on skis through games and play. Have you ever seen kids play soccer on skis? Have you ever seen kids go through an obstacle course on skis? At least half of a Jackrabbit’s time is spent playing games. The games are great fun and are designed to help children feel more comfortable on skis or to learn a specific skiing skill like skating without poles. Young ones love to have their accomplishments recognized and the Jackrabbit Ski League awards badges for skiing skills, as well as distance and speed achieved.